Alpe Adria river

A new adventure - Alpe Adria river!

Since we are located in the Soča Valley, which, in addition to its beautiful nature, offers a whole range of possibilities for various outdoor activities, we decided to join the Alpe-Adria Trail initiative, namely by combining the already established classic footpath with an experience on the river!

The Alpe-Adria route passes through three countries, and crosses the Slovenian territory as well, and is an easily transitory route of pleasure, as the route runs along existing routes of adequate hiking quality and follows the line of "Hiking in the Garden of Eden", which serves as a metaphor for the great diversity on the southern side of the Alps and in the Alpe-Adriatic area. We are located right here, along its path and we could add: "Rowing through the Garden of Eden".

The Packraft is essentially a 'sit-on-top' inflatable kayak, but much lighter, safer, self deflatable and allows even beginners to descend easier rapids. It is perfect for hikers, as it is extremely light, weighs only 4/5 kg and, when empty, uses as much space as a two-liter bottle of water. This means that this inflatable boat can be comfortably carried in their backpacks and use it, for example, to make a part of the route on the water instead of on the path.

Packraft, in addition to being very light are also very stable, easy to handle and easy to drive, thus maximum fun with minimum effort. A good alternative to kayaking.

Only for you, we have selected the most beautiful sections of the Soča river that can be either exciting or relaxing, according to the itineraries that we can choose together. Our idea is to carry out the packraft activity in the Alpe-Adria Trail, on the most suitable, most spectacular and fun, but not too demanding and within everyone's reach, section of the Soča river.

Our offer is a guided descent, that would begin at the entry point easily reachable on foot in the village of Čezsoča (Integral descent) or near the Boka waterfall (Classic descent) and then continue paddling along the crystal clear waters of the Soča river until the exit point in Srpenica 2.

By doing this, the line of the Alpe-Adria route would not be interrupted, on the contrary, it would be a natural continuation on the waterways. Hikers would be welcomed at the entry point by our guides specialized in river activities, and all the necessary equipment would also be brought to them directly upon departure. Then the guides would accompany them paddling along the stretch of the river that runs alongside the path, so they could rest their legs, tired feet and enjoy an unforgettable river experience.

At the end of the activity, we would take care of the transfer with our vehicles from Srpenica 2 to Trnovo ob Soči, where they could also refresh themselves at refreshment points and then continue on foot along the Alpe-Adria Trail.

Alpin Action is one of the best establish companies in the valley with a long tradition of excellence in service and professionalism. And whilst we offer all riversport activities to a very high standard, we are also well known for introducing new and exciting ways to enjoy the Soča Valley.


Equipment: All technical equipment is supplied by Alpin Action: wetsuit, helmet, jacket, life jacket, paddle (depending on the activity), water jacket, thermal shoes.

Personal clothing: All participants must bring with them: swimming suit and a towel.

Difficulty: easy/medium

Length: 6/10km 

Hours: 9.30am, 12.30pm, 3.30pm

Classic Descent, duration: 1h 40min

Integral Descent, duration: 2h 20min



You can select multiple activities.

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