Would you like to learn kayaking and canoeing in safety on the turquoise waters of the Soca?

Alpin Action is the right choice for you!

The Soca river is certainly the European paradise of kayaking with its rapids Class I to V, spread over a lenght of 54 kilometers all accessible. This perfectly preserved natural environment attracts kayak and canoe enthusiasts from all over the world.

Kayaking is the best way to enjoy the spectacular environment that the Soca River and its valley can offer. At the beginning it might require a little bit of effort, but once you have mastered the technique, nothing can give you more satisfaction than being able to reach enchanting hidden corners of the river which are accessible only by kayak or canoe, while enjoyng the descent.

Alpin Action, founded in 1992 by the Canoa Master F.I.C.K. Pietro Linda, is the best well-known school in the valley and one of the best in Europe. Tradition and reliability combined with the constant updating of teaching and fluvial descent techniques make it the perfect place to really learn kayaking.

Groups are made of maximum four or five students selected according to the abilities of the participants. This allows every coach to help you learn a lot just in a few lessons thanks to a precise and tested teaching progression, which is always updated and adapted to the students’ need.

Our head office is located in Trnovo ob Soci, a small village surrounded by nature where peace still reigns, halfway between Kobarid and Bovec, in the middle of all the most beautiful itineraries. This means more time for kayaking and less time spent in transfers, considering that once the descent is over, in a few minutes you can get back to your car.

You can also benefit of a cafe with services, a minimarket and a free reserved private parking. In our kayak, canoe, rafting and river sports gear shop, which is one of the most equipped in Europe, you will find inside everything you need for water activities.

Alpin Action is one of the best establish companies in the valley with a long tradition of excellence in service and professionalism. And whilst we offer all riversport activities to a very high standard, we are also well known for introducing new and exciting ways to enjoy the Soča Valley.

All the equipment used on these courses and for the guided descents are of the highest quality and renewed at the first signs of wear. All the kayaks are changed every year, this means you will always find the latest models that are in perfect condition.

If you are willing to learn kayaking with the best experts on the most beautiful river in Europe why wait? Book now!!

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Week (from Monday to Friday)Duration: 2-3 hours per dayGroup size: 2-5Difficulty: class I - IV...
All the guided descents are adjusted to the skill level and experience of the participants....
Sea kayaks are seaworthy small boats with a covered deck and the ability to incorporate a spraydeck...